DM Smith… aka Red Warrior

DM Smith is what you might call… a  cosmic global lady. With one foot planted firmly on the ground, the rest of her very connected to the ethereal. Her colorful aesthetic and practical back and foreground owe a large debt to her multi-varied explorer nature. Hyper inquisitive on all facets of life.

DM enjoyed a successful career as an international fashion designer of women’s clothes, designing for mass market and individuals. She also designed fashions for presenters on game show Let’s Make a Deal when it came back on the air.

After getting an MBA from Pepperdine University she worked in the corporate world in New York City.  During this time, DM created the first Wall Street chapter of Toastmasters International.  She loves to speak in public and does so as time permits.  She has appeared on television talk shows and in commercials.  Ms. Smith has worked with performing artists both here and abroad.

DM with her father, Art, in Heyburn, Idaho.


  1. Red 1 to
    Red Warrier
    Honored to have you as my friend
    To be associated with such elegance
    diversity of talent….. humm
    Makes me stand tall
    Go champion go🍷
    Let’s conquer the world
    Red (1 lynda j)


  2. I worked with Deanna on Wall Street. She is a dedicated professional who exhibits a true desire for complete customer satisfaction. We move thousands of traders and bankers from one building to another and all successfully. Thank you for your focus and your desire for 100% performance.


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